Hello San Antonio — A great place to Invest!

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Property Investment is a good choice. San Antonio, Tx, boasts of property value appreciation.

2018 is just around the corner and it’s going to be a fantastic year for real estate here in San Antonio, TX.  Furthermore, it hasn’t stopped even during the holidays. We are still experiencing multiple offer situations. The day after Christmas my client and I were out looking at property and his offer on one property is alongside 2 other offers.  Consequently, we may be out looking at more homes that become available.  What a great seller’s market!

For you sellers, the news doesn’t get any better than multiple offers.  That’s why pricing your home competitively can actually bring you more money than pricing too high.  The multiple offers can lead to a bidding war.  Just remember, even though a seller and buyer agree on a price, we still need to get the appraiser to agree (and find comparables).

Whether you are interested in buying or selling property, we can expect to see more appreciation of property values in our greater San Antonio and surrounding county area.  As a result, buyers may have to step up their game on finding a suitable home.  Working with someone who can help you find a lender or loan program that offers grants is one way to help alleviate some of the hardship of the down payment.  Sellers are less likely to want to help with closing costs in this competitive market.

Are you ready to join the fun of investing into appreciable assets?  Let me help you plan out your property ownership goals.  Look at the property value increases in certain zip codes (according to Bexar County Appraisal District (2017):

78245 — 24.7%
78208 — 31.7%
78254 — 34%
78154 — 40%
78252 — 59.2%
78215 — 89.7%
San Antonio real estate is a great investment!

As a result of this upward market, every time a house sells close to you it has the potential of changing your value.  Click here for an estimate of your home’s value.  FREE HOME VALUES

9551 Valley dale property investment

Most of all, if you are the lucky one finding a property in this beautifully diverse City, click here to see what’s available.  Click here to find your next property.

To wrap up my first blog on Property Investment, I want to say I enjoy working long term with my clients.  Just yesterday, my husband and I had dinner with clients that I’ve been working with for 11 years.  I look forward to building that same long term relationship with you.

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